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Vimi was born and raised in England, Being exposed to her true culture at a very young age her works always embodies her true indian heritage. Through her many experiences she gained an appreciation for colors, textures and richness. Starting off her career in medicine and soon after realizing her passion for the world of arts and colors she decided to stay true to her passion and pursue a very prestigious make-up school in London. Since then Vimi has successfully worked with MAC and was given the opportunity to travel around the world, sharing her knowledge. Working her way through many international fashion weeks, Vimi then moved to Dubai in 2004, becoming a senior Artist for a major brand where she experienced working with the major Bollywood celebrities.In 2005, she became the director of artistry for the Bollywood Oscars and the IIFA awards. With over 20 years of experience Vimi now presents her art to us through her form of expression and creation.

Some of her Global Events include: Aerosmith Music Tour, Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremony, MTV Awards (Rome, Paris, London), Toronto Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, Fashion Forward Dubai, Indian International Film Awards 2005-2

CONTACT AGENT: bookings@mmgartists.com
INSTAGRAM: @vimijoshi