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Karolina Kurowicka is an International makeup artist and hairstylist.
Born and raised in Poland, Karolina is a 32-year-old makeup enthusiast with more than ten years in the industry. She spent her time traveling around the world and creating through different editorials. Karolina started her journey in Interior Design at the WSEIZ University in Warsaw. She managed her time between her studies and running her very own clothing boutique which allowed her to be surrounded by women who were free of expression all the time, and on many occasions ended up completing her clients' looks, not only with clothing but also with makeup. Soon after she was overwhelmed by the positive response of her customers, she decided to dedicate her life to the beauty industry. Karolina loves all aspects and elements of everything that makes beauty an art. She enjoys creating looks that evoke emotions and resonate with her Art most.Her passion and skills come in handy to create versatile looks that take her clients' natural beauty to the next level.

Forbes Women, Vogue, Glamour, Newsweek, Noizz, LeBrand, DIA Spain, Mohito, Orlen, OBag, McDonalds, TV& Online Productions; Netflix, MTV, 4FunTv, Onet. Pl. Wp.pl. TVN, TV Polsat and more

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