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Davor Jelusic is a Berlin based art director and stylist with a diverse background. Creativity and teamwork are Davor’s way of life and signify his strong work ethic and commitment. His career includes clients across Dubai, Berlin, Milan, Paris and London.

Up to today Davor has worked on over 150 big tv commercials, numerous campaigns, tv series and game and entertainment shows like X factor. He has a vast portfolio of A list celebrities in the region including former Croatian Presidents.

All this formed him in becoming a stylist with commitment and ability for developing fashion and editorial concepts, catalogue productions, art direction and personal styling for events.

These days he often works as fashion contributor for ELLE, GQ, HARPERS BAZAAR and L’OFFICIEL across 4 continents, creating content for clients such as Fendi, Zalando, Schwarzkopf, Sly010, Ferrero, Unicredit etc.

His work is addressed to tasteful high fashion end photo or video content for high sales-orientated and ambitious clients.

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