PHILIPP JELENSKA _ photographer

Philipp has worked with a variety of clients including Buffalo Shoes, Diesel, Lancôme , ELLE , Emporia,Glamour, Grazia, Material Girl, ,Red Bull, Swarovski, Swatch, Hilton, Hotel Kempinski, Porsche-Land Rover, Vienna Airport, EnVie ,Active Beauty, Bespoke, Fiat, Mark&Julia, Maxima ,Vanity teen, Vice, Weekend, Weekend ,Oscar&Filu, Austria’s Next Topmodel, Barclaycard, Campari, Puls4, Redseven, Schlumberger, Vice, 25, ,Diva, , Eva , Fantastics, Faux fox ,My shopping , News, People, Peter,Tom&Dave ,Sunday Style, Tendencias, Vangardist, Deluxe, Wien live, Woman and many more.